Dosimeter DKG-05D

    Personal dosimeter DKG-05D (gamma radiation) Description of operation Routine use of the dosimeters DKG-05D in the context of Automated System for Personal Dosimetry (ASPD) at facilities having a lot of radiation workers is automated as high as possible: a worker should withdraw any dosimeter from the charging unit at the entrance to the



Dosimeter “Valday” is intended for  measurement of gamma-radiation  dose and its rate, for indication of  counting rate, for land navigation by  means of an inbuilt electronic  compass, and for illumination with  the help of an inbuilt flashlight. Features: The device power is performed by a  single LIB 18650. The continuous work time with a 3 

Переносной газосигнализатор

Portable gas detector SIGNAL-022

Portable gas detector SIGNAL-022 Purpose The portable gas detector is designed to measure flammable and toxic gases concentration with function visual and audible alarms when concentration are exceeded or, in the case of oxygen, when the levels fall below. Typical Applications Gas detectors can be used to detect flammable and toxic gases in the extraction


Results of the exhibition “Army 2016”

On Sunday, September 11, the forum “Army 2016” finished its work. More than 1,000 enterprises showed their innovations and developments in the military-technical sphere. LTD “POLYTECHFORM-M” presented its own dosimetric equipment, adapted to the military standards of the Ministry of Defense. Read more    



HAND-FOOT-CLOTHING MONITOR RZB-05D Hand-foot-clothing monitor RZB-05D is intended for level measurement contamination of arms, leg (legwear) and staff overalls surfaces by beta – and alpha -active substances мand alarm of exceeding the specified maximum contamination threshold values (henceforth as thresholds). Technical characteristics Beta radiation reportable range limiting energy from 0.08 to 1.5 MeV (from 0.2


Detector of mono-gas DMG-03

  Detector of mono-gas DMG-03 The CO detector is designed to detect the excess of the established carbon monoxide (OA) thresholds in the air of the monitored premises. The O2 detector is designed to signal the lack of oxygen in the air. For example, in the residential sector of the municipal economy, garages of car


Alpha hand contamination monitor RZA-05D

High-sensitivity system intended for determination of contamination of hands with alpha emitting radionuclides. The system is suitable for use in sanitary inspection rooms, at contamination portals, in the facilities working with alpha-active substances (materials). Purpose: monitoring of hands contamination with alpha emitting radionuclides. Alarm signals in case the preset threshold is exceeded. Features: numeric indication


Universal reader UZS-01D

Universal reader UZS-01D with software Features: floor and desktop mounting; touch screen and “UZS-01D” software optimized for it; mnemonic and audible alarm on the reader status; automatic control of the data exchange with the reader. “UZS-01D” software provides: collection, processing, storage and display of current information from dosimeters; maintaining a database of dosimeters and their



Purpose: Measurement of ambient equivalent dose rate and ambient equivalent dose of gamma radiation, measurement of alpha and beta particles flux density. Specifications Energy range of detected ionizing photon radiation 0.05 ÷3 MeV Energy range alpha radiation по Pu-239 Energy range beta radiation 0.15 ÷3,5 MeV Dose rate measurement range 0.1 μSv/h ÷3 Sv/h Dose



MKS-07N SURVEY METER  / DKG-07BS (stationary) Purpose Measurement of ambient equivalent dose rate and ambient equivalent dose of gamma radiation, measurement of alpha and beta particles flux density. The survey meter is used for operative grounds inspection for radiation (for example during radiation mapping) as well as for detecting and monitoring clothes, equipment and facilities


Monoblock Gamma

“Monoblock Gamma” detection module (“Monoblock”) is a device designed to measure ambient equivalent dose rate (ADER) of gamma radiation by converting it into output electrical pulses with average counting rate depending on the measured value. The unit employs “Gamma‑6” Geiger-Mueller counter. The ADER value can be calculated by using the following formula: Ḣ = (f-f0)/(S∙(1-τ∙f)),