Dosimeter “Valday” is intended for  measurement of gamma-radiation  dose and its rate, for indication of  counting rate, for land navigation by  means of an inbuilt electronic  compass, and for illumination with  the help of an inbuilt flashlight.


The device power is performed by a  single LIB 18650.

The continuous work time with a 3  AHr capacity battery is not less than  60 days (not including using of thflashlight and illumination).

The external device communication is  conducted through Bluetooth.

Battery discharge prevention is  provided.

The device case is made of aluminium  and plastic.

The device case is water-proof (IP67).

Display of information about gamma-radiation dose rate with indication of measurement error;  Display of information about accumulated dose of  gamma-radiation with indication of accumulation time;
Sound indication of gamma-radiation sensors actuation;  Sound and light signalization of the excess of gamma-radiation dose and its rate limits set by the operator;
Date and time display;  Second-meter, timer, alarm-clock;
Display of a compass, or direction to the north / to preselected course;  Two modes of the flashlight.


Range of dose rate 0,1 mcSv/h … 20 mcSv/h
Range of dose indication 0,01 mcSv … 100 Sv
Energy range 0,05 … 3 MeV
Dose rate measurement error where H is a non-dimensional quantity numerically equal to the measured value of dose rate in mcSv/h  Dose measurement error    15% (15+3,5/H)%,
The compass shows direction with accuracy to 10 degrees.

Technical documentation