Alpha hand contamination monitor RZA-05D



High-sensitivity system intended for determination of contamination of hands with alpha emitting radionuclides. The system is suitable for use in sanitary inspection rooms, at contamination portals, in the facilities working with alpha-active substances (materials).


  • monitoring of hands contamination with alpha emitting radionuclides. Alarm signals in case the preset threshold is exceeded.


  • numeric indication of measurement (monitoring) results;
  • visual and audible alarm signals in case the preset thresholds are exceeded;
  • access key for calibration and service operations;
  • LED based hand (foot) proximity sensor for measurement initiation;
  • fine adjustment of alarm presets (thresholds) throughout the measurement range;
  • automatic compensation for background gamma radiation and contamination of detector units;
  • warning signal in case the background radiation or detector contamination excess preset levels;
  • modification RZA-05D-01 with optional detector unit for monitoring of feet.

Basic complete set:

  • “hands” assembly;
  • BDZA-100B detector units – 2 units;
  • support – 2 items;
  • base;
  • operation manual, passport;
  • certificate of calibration (verification).

By request:

  • Alpha hand-foot contamination monitor RZA-05D-01
Detector type ZnS(Ag) scintillation counter
Number of detectors 2
Detection efficiency of alpha radiation:
no less than 24 %
no less than 16 %
no less than 8 %
Measurement range of alpha particles flux density 0,5 ÷ 9999 min1cm2
Range of threshold setting for alarm signal 0,5 ÷ 9900 min1cm2
Alarm threshold resolution 0,1 min1cm2
Detector surface area 300 cm2
Basic measurement error for alpha radiation ± (20+30/Pα) %*
Continuous operation time no less than 24 hours
Operating temperature range minus 10 ÷ +50 °С
Power supply 220 (-15% / +10%)V, 50±1 Hz
  • floor-mounted
  • wall-mounted
  • hand-foot version
Overall dimensions, weight:
RZA-05D floor-mounted 610×1400×840 mm, 48 kg
RZA-05D wall-mounted 610×530×410 mm, 25 kg
RZA-05D hand-foot version 650x1250x1450 mm, 70 kg