Portable gas detector SIGNAL-022

Переносной газосигнализатор

The gas detector has one built-in sensor, and can be fitted with additional external sensors with gas to choose from..

Controlled gases. H2S (hydrogen sulphide) NH3 (ammonia), O2 (oxygen), CO (carbon monoxide), CH4 (methane), C3H8 (propane), CO2 (carbon dioxide), NO2 (nitrogen dioxide), SO2 (sulfur dioxide).


Portable gas detector SIGNAL-022

The portable gas detector is designed to measure flammable and toxic gases concentration with function visual and audible alarms when concentration are exceeded or, in the case of oxygen, when the levels fall below.

Typical Applications
Gas detectors can be used to detect flammable and toxic gases in the extraction and transportation of gas and oil, for chemical industries, environmental services, special forces units, maintenance and repair personnel, other facilities where it is necessary to monitor the level of flammable and toxic gases and vapours.

Type Measuring range
HC-hydrocarbon (methane, propane, vapors of gasoline and diesel fuel, alcohol, etc.) 0-50 % LEL
metan0-2,5Vol. %
carbon monoxide СО 0-350 mg/m3
hydrogen sulphideH2S 0-70 mg/m3
ammoniaNH3 0-710 mg/m3
oxygenO2 14-22 %
sulfur dioxideSO2 0-53 mg/m3
nitrogen dioxide NO2 0-38 mg/m3
carbon dioxide СО 0-3,0 Vol. %


Measuring channels internal detector for 1 gas;replaceable detector for1-2 gases
Alarms Световая и звуковая
Indication ЖК-индикатор
Device case Сталь
StandartIECEx 1ExibIIBT4 Х
Protection class IP54
Operating times > 8 hours
Battery options 2 accumulators, NiМН VH АА-1700,2.4 V
Replaceable sensor cable length 6 m
Data logger -can be read out via RS-485 Modbus RTU
-manual recording up to 100 slides of LCD screen
-auto recording up to 100 slides of LCD screen at a concentration higher 20% LEL
Ambient conditions:
-13 to +113 °F, -20 to +45 °C,
840 to 1067 mbar, 24.8 to 31.5 inch Hg
10 to 95% RH
Dimensions (W x H x D) 94 x 173 х 38mm
Weight 660g



Technical documentation

pdfUser Manual (rus)



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